Groundhog Day

February 13th, 2007


Its still cold in Texas and Dora remains covered up. Its sort of like the expectation of the groundhog on Groundhog Day.  Dora didn’t see her shadow because she was under the covers. It is predicted to be an early spring.

Doggy, Its Cold Outside

January 17th, 2007


The snow day slowed down the dogs in the household. Hibernation mode is the standard operating condition of these four legged critters. If there is a blanket (or two) they can be found there. All tucked in.

Heaven forbid if anyone has to go potty. With snow on the ground and ice under the bushes, this is a difficult task to ask to a couple of puppies with short legs.

Soft and Fuzzy

December 20th, 2006


I love this photo. It shows exactly why I love this face. This is how she sleeps while wedged in next to me. She snuggles under my leg (if I have it propped up for my laptop) and she has an instant den for sleeping.

Still Snorkeling

November 15th, 2006


The weather has turned cold in north Texas. Usually Dora is wedged in next to me, helping her to stay warm while Thelma nestles into the couch bed, under the blanket.

When Dora is sleepy and cold, she wants in her couch bed. She wants Thelma out. She will fuss and fuss at me, growling and talking to me until I am annoyed to action.

Tonight I tried to get things situated for them both to use the couch bed. Dora refused to share. So I put Dora into her dad’s chair with a different blanket. She fussed for a while and settled down. Within a few minutes I found her snorkling again.