Dora FAQ

How much does Dora weigh? Is she a miniature dachshund?

Dora weighs 13 pounds and is not a miniature dachshund. She would have to be 11 pounds to be considered a miniature. Dora is large compared to her miniature cousins as her length of body, her size of feet and head, and her length of ears out-do the minis, but she is small compared to her standard pals. Her owners think she is perfect.

Why does Dora have blue eyes?

Dora is a smooth-haired, red, dappled dachshund and we suspect she is double dappled. She is red with brown speckles across her back and face. Her chest has a white patch the shape of a diamond. Her back paws have white on the toes and her tail has a white tip. Along with these odd markings, both of Dora’s eyes are blue.

Where does Dora sleep?

Dora begins her night in the masterbed, under the covers while the humans read and watch TV. Once the lights go out, Dora is found upside down at the foot of the bed where she is carefully extracted. She is then tucked under a blanket, in her crate, which is next to the masterbed. A lightweight blanket also goes over the crate to help maintain the “den effect” Dora seems to love.

Does Dora have any favorite toys?

Dora loves squeaky toys. We purchased a “Bo-Bo” toy like the PetsMart commercial which looks like a wienerdog, is pink and made of a loufa fabric. Although Dora loves her squeaky toys and has rarely destroyed any, this toy was loved so much she tore the stuffing out. Next to the squeaky toys, Dora loves her Mama Bear which is not for play time but for sulking.

Does Dora have any siblings in the household?

Dora has one sister: Thelma Lou who is a wiener wannabee. Her mother was a wire-haired dachshund. Her father was a long-legged handsome stranger. Her head is too small, her ears too short and her legs too long to be a dachshund. She has only one trait that is “dachshund-like”. She loves to sleep under blankets too. We love her, even if she isn’t a real wienerdog but Dora is still alpha.

Does Dora hunt?

Dora is head of Homeland Security in the Kelley household. She patrols the yard several times a day to make sure the property is secure. She has killed many snakes, a field rat, bugs and has attempted to catch a squirrel and a bird to guarantee the home’s safety.

Would you ever sell Dora?

Not for a million dollars.

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