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Okay! I will admit it here and now. I’ve gone wiener dog nuts. A dachshund owns me. Its true. Ask my friends!

It all started quite innocently when I was 13 years old.

Mom and Dad brought home a black wiener dog puppy and our family promptly fell in love. We enjoyed the antics of a dog who dug her way under our sheets and tunneled her way to our feet. We named her “Bitte” because we had just arrived home from 3 years in Germany as an Air Force family and we had a few German words in our mouths.

I grew up and had my own family. Babies first, school children next. I woke up one day to realize that my own children had grown and gone and my house was very, very quiet. My sister’s family had brought a black wiener dog into their home a few years earlier. I had watched with jealousy as Sadie grew from puppy to princess of quilts and fabric piles. My brother’s family adopted puppy dachshund, Ruby, who took up residence with their found mutt, McGwire.

And so, because my house was so quiet, I emailed my friend, Karen and told her I was ready for a puppy if she had another litter. I had no idea what I was in for. Suffice it to say, that email changed my life.

July 1, 2001 the phone call came. No solid girls in the litter. I had my choice. A black dappled or a red dappled. Undecided, I headed over to her house to marvel at the miracle of dachshund puppies in a pile.

I decided on the red dappled girl and visited this puppy each week, enjoying puppy breath and I marveled that although her eyes were open, they looked…BLUE!

I couldn’t decide on a name until a few days before I brought her home. My brother had named his dachshund “Ruby” after our grandmother. I figured that if he could name a dog after a loved relative, I could name my dog after that loved relative’s sister: Dora Mae.

A crate in hand, Pedigree puppy food and a dog dish, a collar and a leash and I was a dog owner. I filled out the papers and soon had the official certificate that it was official. I was the mother of an adorable dachshund creature….who has stolen my heart.

I’m obsessed. Can’t you tell? Where I once stood in front of a canvas without much to inspire me, Dora Mae makes me laugh with her comic antics, her acrobats and her determined will to reach what she can not have.

Although she sleeps in her crate at night, on those lazy Saturday mornings after a piddle run to the backyard, I bring her back to bed for a bit of time. Under the covers she heads, snapping her head up and down like a can opener as she tunnels her way around the perimeter of the mattress to check out the territory before she settles down for a doze.

Her eyes? They stayed BLUE! I am still shocked at the sight of her from across the backyard. With the Texas sun shining most days, her eyes resemble something from a horror movie as her eyes match the sky and the dark rims outline their paleness. It’s a hoot, believe me. Inside the house in normal light, her face is human. She is freckled and spotted. And I adore her.

She hops through her doggy door to her outside domain and hunts under every bush, barks at every bird, and smells every twig she can find. On occasion, she has tried to bring these twigs inside the house through her doggie door. Most of the time the twig is really a small branch and can not under any circumstance get through the doggie door. She tries anyway. Did I tell you she was stubborn? Willful? She is!

Playing fetch is a battle for the ball. She fetches but fails to understand that she must drop the ball to get to continue playing. She will do a dance for a treat and will run to her crate at the sound of the word “cookie”.

She is amazing and I am blessed. Everyday she follows me from room to room watching me, waiting for me, sitting on my lap and snuggling. She naps perched on top of a pillow, tunneled down under my couch quilt that no matter how she found the quilt, she manages to rearrange it “just so” in order to sleep beneath it.

I suspect she is royalty. I treat her as such. I call her princess puppy Dora Mae.

I hope you visit often and enjoy the wiener dog art that I paint from the inspiration of a full heart for a dog that loves me.

I would love to hear from you about your wiener dog!

Blessings with a wiener dog,

~Kathy Kelley

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