Together for a Nap


Dora is the always first. She is first to jump up into a chair. She is the first into a bed. She is first under a blanket. And she is the first into her crate.

And if she is in a good mood, she lets Thelma join her.

This is not often.

If Dora is sleeping under a blanket and Thelma jumps up to try to join her, a low, deep growl comes from under the blanket. It is Dora letting her little sister know that she is not happy with the idea of sharing her naptime blanket.

Sometimes Thelma jumps back down and finds another place to nap.

Other times Thelma stands near by, waiting for the growling to quiet. And then one paw at a time, slowly, Thelma steps into the couch bed, or noses her way under the blanket. With each step she waits for a growl. If there is none, she proceeds. If she hears a growl, she pauses.

Eventually Thelma ends up next to Dora for an afternoon snooze.

2 Responses to “Together for a Nap”

  1. Hmmmmm... says:

    Aw! I miss my little pups!

  2. kathy says:

    And they miss you too!

    Dora asked me today: “Where is my girl? I miss her!”

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