Forming Good Habits


My dogs have been great tools to help me form good habits.

The experts say that it takes thirty days of repeat behavior to have a habit formed. I’m here to tell you that sometimes it only takes one day (and one incident).

They have taught me not to leave the house without the pantry door completely closed.

Their dog food is purchased in 20 pound bags which I empty into large tupperware containers. The containers are stored in the bottom of the food pantry with smaller tupperware containers and a measured scoop, in the kitchen for easy access for dinner time. If I leave the house without the pantry door closed, they manage to find a way into the tupperware containers. I return home to find two dogs that are literally stuffed to capacity.

They have taught me to move any bread products away from the edge of the countertops in the kitchen.

Dora and Thelma may be short dogs, but their love for bread provides enough incentive to bounce their way upward to grab a loaf of bread or a sack of rolls off the edge of the counters. I have found half eaten loaves of breads in the dirt in the backyard where Dora had attempted to hide the evidence for a “stash to eat later”.

They have taught me to close bathroom doors.

They have taught me to put any snack trash in the garbage right away.

They have taught me to pick up dirty socks.

They have taught me to push the chairs under the table when we have finished eating.

I wish all habits were as easily formed.

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