Meet Thelma Lou


Thelma Lou is our wiener-wannabe. She is cute as a button with a personality of a circus animal who wants only to please. She is perpetually happy and content to bounce from place to place as though there could never be a gray sky. Her job in our household is Entertainment Chairman.

But she is not a wiener dog. Her head is too small. Her ears too short. Her legs are too long.

She does have one trait that is wiener-dog-ish. She burrows under blankets.

The dogs have one ‘couch bed’ which is an attempt to keep them off the back cushions of my sofa. This is only successful when a human is in the house. The ‘couch bed’ has soft edges, a padded bottom and a blanket for the burrowing needs.

The blanket is red and Thelma Lou loves it. She will find it, rearrange it, get beneath it and stand there like a red silent monster ready to pounce. And after a long pause, she lays down, napping beneath it until she decides she must have fresh air.

Then a nose emerges. Then a whole head. Finally she stretches out with her front paws, taking in the light of day while she dozes off and on a while longer.

Real wiener dog or not, she is a keeper!

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