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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006


Sometimes the best thing a person can do for themselves is take a nap. Life, after all, can get hectic and demanding and the body simply needs to rest.

I learned this from Dora:

Nap with a blankie.

A blankie is comforting and portable. If you are vacationing or traveling on business, taking a familiar blankie is the most comforting thing for the soul. Or even if you are in your own house, in your own bed, the blankie is the snuggly thing that makes it feel more homey.

I learned this from my dogs.

Burrowing for a Nap

Saturday, August 26th, 2006


Wiener dogs are incredible creatures. Mine never cease to delight me.

On occasion I browse through Flickr for dachshund photos as I enjoy seeing how other wiener dog lovers have caught antics of these funny hounds to share online.

This dachshund is one that caught my eye because I loved the colored blanket with the nose peeking out.

And yes, the caption of this photo said that this dog manages to get into the blanket and tucked in all by himself.

Of course. He’s a dachshund.

Forming Good Habits

Friday, August 25th, 2006


My dogs have been great tools to help me form good habits.

The experts say that it takes thirty days of repeat behavior to have a habit formed. I’m here to tell you that sometimes it only takes one day (and one incident).

They have taught me not to leave the house without the pantry door completely closed.

Their dog food is purchased in 20 pound bags which I empty into large tupperware containers. The containers are stored in the bottom of the food pantry with smaller tupperware containers and a measured scoop, in the kitchen for easy access for dinner time. If I leave the house without the pantry door closed, they manage to find a way into the tupperware containers. I return home to find two dogs that are literally stuffed to capacity.

They have taught me to move any bread products away from the edge of the countertops in the kitchen.

Dora and Thelma may be short dogs, but their love for bread provides enough incentive to bounce their way upward to grab a loaf of bread or a sack of rolls off the edge of the counters. I have found half eaten loaves of breads in the dirt in the backyard where Dora had attempted to hide the evidence for a “stash to eat later”.

They have taught me to close bathroom doors.

They have taught me to put any snack trash in the garbage right away.

They have taught me to pick up dirty socks.

They have taught me to push the chairs under the table when we have finished eating.

I wish all habits were as easily formed.

Meet Thelma Lou

Thursday, August 24th, 2006


Thelma Lou is our wiener-wannabe. She is cute as a button with a personality of a circus animal who wants only to please. She is perpetually happy and content to bounce from place to place as though there could never be a gray sky. Her job in our household is Entertainment Chairman.

But she is not a wiener dog. Her head is too small. Her ears too short. Her legs are too long.

She does have one trait that is wiener-dog-ish. She burrows under blankets.

The dogs have one ‘couch bed’ which is an attempt to keep them off the back cushions of my sofa. This is only successful when a human is in the house. The ‘couch bed’ has soft edges, a padded bottom and a blanket for the burrowing needs.

The blanket is red and Thelma Lou loves it. She will find it, rearrange it, get beneath it and stand there like a red silent monster ready to pounce. And after a long pause, she lays down, napping beneath it until she decides she must have fresh air.

Then a nose emerges. Then a whole head. Finally she stretches out with her front paws, taking in the light of day while she dozes off and on a while longer.

Real wiener dog or not, she is a keeper!