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The Face Off

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006


Dora has a built-in clock in her brain.

Starting about 30 minutes before her meal time, she wakes up or stops whatever else she is doing and comes to sit on the ottoman in front of me. Its a face off.

She sits, watching my every move.

If I shift myself in my chair, she is sure I am getting up. If I ignore her, she begins to talk.

She growls. She fusses. She jumps from the ottoman to her place next to me, nudging my hands off my laptop. And she continues to growl.

Only when I stand up and move towards the kitchen does she stop growling. At this point, she begins to whine while punctuating her noise with a high pitched bark or two.

She jumps up and down as I fill her bowl (and Thelma Lou’s) and she quiets down only when the bowl is on the floor in front of her.

Within seconds, the food is gone from her bowl and she is a happy girl. She heads outside for business and then comes back in where she jumps back up on the ottoman for another face off.

This time, she does not growl at me. She wags her tail in gratitude. She adores me, especially after I feed her.

Still on Duty

Friday, September 15th, 2006


Dora’s job as Head of Homeland Security is a 365/24/7 job. She patrols the backyard several times a day and then returns to the house and remains on duty.

She jumps up on the arm of the couch, stretches out to doze, while she keeps her eyes half cocked through the window.

If a bird lands on her grass, she is up in a split second, darting through her doggie door to secure the premises. And if a squirrel runs across her yard, it becomes the focus of an all points bulletin. Lizards do not have a chance dozing in the sun on her back porch.

Only when the sun goes down does Dora take a break. She heads under her blanket to rest up for another day on duty tomorrow.

Hot Dog!

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006


The ultimate outfit for the dachshund. Perfect for a costume party. Perfect for a picnic. I would suggest keeping your wiener dog away from the bbq pit for safety reasons.

Together for a Nap

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006


Dora is the always first. She is first to jump up into a chair. She is the first into a bed. She is first under a blanket. And she is the first into her crate.

And if she is in a good mood, she lets Thelma join her.

This is not often.

If Dora is sleeping under a blanket and Thelma jumps up to try to join her, a low, deep growl comes from under the blanket. It is Dora letting her little sister know that she is not happy with the idea of sharing her naptime blanket.

Sometimes Thelma jumps back down and finds another place to nap.

Other times Thelma stands near by, waiting for the growling to quiet. And then one paw at a time, slowly, Thelma steps into the couch bed, or noses her way under the blanket. With each step she waits for a growl. If there is none, she proceeds. If she hears a growl, she pauses.

Eventually Thelma ends up next to Dora for an afternoon snooze.